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I Need Help With Taming

Anyone on the team can give you advice with taming your parrot. We all have experience with this.

My Parrot Is Aggressive

Hannah has a lot of experience with aggressive parrots. Not only have they worked in a parrot rescue before where they have rehabilitated numerous species of parrots, but they are also owned by an aggressive Cockatiel.

My Parrot Is Anxious

Nash has a lot of experience working with anxious parrots. They are owned by 2 anxious macaws who required a lot of time to build them up. They have also worked with a number of clients with anxious birds.

My Parrot Won't Go Back To The Cage

Any member of the team can help you with this issue! We have all dealt with this issue at some point and have a number of tricks that will help.

My Parrot Doesn't Like Someone In My Household

Anyone on the team can advice with this. We have sadly all experienced this and have learned many ways of managing this.

I Need Help With General Training

Ola has a lot of experience with training and can help you succeed in whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Ola has worked with a variety of species and has also helped many of their own free flight students achieve outdoor flight.

I Need Advice On Diet

Before booking in for a consultation we highly recommend you go to our freebies and download our documents about diet. We are NOT nutritionists so if your parrot has any health problems that require a special diet we highly recommended seeking out a nutritionist. However, any member on our team would be able to advice on getting parrots onto a healthy diet.

I Have An Issue, But Wish To Progress Onto Free Flight

If you have something you wish to work on with your parrot, but want to progress onto free flight then we highly recommend booking in with Ola or Hannah. Ola and Hannah are the free flight mentors at Soaring Wings Training so by booking in with them they will already be aware of any problems you are facing when you move onto our free flight course.

I Have An Issue, But Wish To Progress Onto Flight Rehabilitation

If you have something you wish to work on with your parrot, but want to progress onto flight rehabilitation then we recommend booking in with Nash or Hannah. Nash and Hannah are the Flight Rehabilitation Mentors. By booking in with them for a consultation before moving onto Flight Rehabilitation they will be aware of the problems you are facing before your first Flight Rehabilitation Class.

My Parrot Won't Stop Screaming

This is a downside to being owned by a parrot. They are noisy animals! If you are coming to us to help with screaming, please be aware that screaming is normal for a parrot. They will make noise. However, excessive screaming is not normal and typically is a sign of stress or even illness. Any member of the team can help with excessive screaming.

Still Unsure About Who To Book With?

Simply fill out the form below and give as much detail as possible about the issues you are dealing with. We will read over the information and decide who would be best for you and your parrot.

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