What is free flight?

Free flight is an incredible activity that takes months of extensive training to achieve. It enriches a parrots life in the most natural way possible – through the use of flight and the great outdoors. Not only does it make your bird happy, but we can guarantee you have never felt the exact joy and triumph you feel as you watch your best friend flying free and then graciously gliding towards you before landing on your hand, pride in their face.

Do I need to free fly my parrot?

Free flight is definitely not a necessity when it comes to keeping psittacine species as pets, but it comes with immense benefits to your parrot if done correctly. We do highly recommend it for larger species that just cannot get adequate exercise indoors. It is also definitely beneficial to smaller species as it allows them to reach full speeds in new environments which aids in burning excess energy.

Can I just fly my parrot outdoors myself?

Can you judge what a good location for your parrots skill set looks like?

Do you know how to teach navigation?

What will you do if your parrot spooks and flies away?

Are you able to handle your parrot sleeping outdoors?

Do you know how to expand your birds skills?

Can you judge what weather to fly in?

Does your bird have a clear understanding of indoor recall?

Do you fully understand the risks involved?

Have you got the correct knowledge to keep your parrot safe?

Do you understand wind direction and which way your bird should be flying?

What would you do if a predator appeared?

Do you know what food management is and why it is important?

The above is sadly just a small handful of things that you are required to know before even considering taking your feathered companion outdoors unrestrained. If you have answered no to even one of the questions then definitely seek out a mentor/trainer to help you.

This course is for anybody aged 16 or older, as a certain amount of experience and maturity is required to free flight train a parrot successfully.

If you own a parrot that has red pupils due to it being lutino/albino do not attempt free flight. Parrots with red eyes do not have good vision and free flight will pose a great risk to them often resulting in their death. If you have a parrot with red eyes we will not be training you with this bird. This is for your parrot’s safety above all else. Despite this, you can still take your red-eyed feathered friend outdoors, however they will always require to be restrained. (Much like our own half-blind Paco!)

Before considering this course it is important to note that Budgerigars cannot be free flown in the manner that we train. Please do not purchase this course for a Budgerigar.

Although we do free fly cockatiels, please strongly consider the risks if you plan to purchase this course for free flying one in Australia. As this species is naturally found there the birds of prey often know exactly how to capture cockatiels making them very risky to fly.

It is often more difficult to free flight train a rescue bird in comparison to a baby. Saying that, it is not impossible. We advocate to rescue parrots where it is possible and have proven free flight is, in fact, achievable with them through our own rescue macaw – Corliss. Do not expect this to be an easy journey with a parrot that has had a difficult past. On the other hand, it will be the most rewarding experience of your life.

If you are interested in free flight, but are owned by a parrot that cannot currently fly due to being a rescue, muscle atrophy, bad past, clipped wings, etc then please take our Flight Rehabilitation Course first. This Free Flight Course is aimed at fully flighted parrots. Once you have completed the Flight Rehabilitation Course then return here if you are still interested!

This course consists of:

-6 PowerPoint Presentations that will be taught one-on-one via Zoom Call.

-Extra Zoom Calls should you require more guidance.

-Access to a private Facebook Group for Soaring Wings Training Free Flight Mentees.

-Access to the locked Free Flight Students tab that contains documents specifically created to help you with this course.