At Soaring Wings Training we strive to encourage happy and healthy parrots through the use of flight and other natural behaviours. We strongly believe that captive birds should have as natural a life as possible. Whether you are looking for help as a beginner or are wanting to explore the wondrous world of free flight, we are here to help.

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    Our VIP section is created to become a learning centre about all things parrot. This is an ever growing platform that is filled with information for all parrot owners. From taming to behaviour issues to health and much more. It doesn't matter if you are a complete novice, or experienced. This is made to help YOU!

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    • Free Flight Training

      Free flight is an amazing adventure for you and your feathered friend, but it is not one that should be attempted alone. Have a read of what we offer!

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    • Consultations

      Looking for advice on your parrot’s behaviour, or just want to learn more about your bird? Check out our consultations and book a session with us!

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    • Flight Rehabilitation

      Are you struggling to get your flightless parrot to gain the confidence needed to fly? Any past, any age, any species. We can help!

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