Why is flight important for captive parrots?

Depending on species, wild parrots fly between 15 – 30 miles per day. This is obviously not possible in captivity, as there is just not enough room in our homes. Many captive parrots never even get a chance to use their wings at all, resulting in an unhappy, unhealthy and flightless bird.

We need to remember that parrots are wild animals who are not at all domesticated. The least we can do when keeping them in captivity is to offer them the most natural life we are able to give, which would ideally always include flight as their main form of exercise.

Is it possible to teach a bird who has never flown before?

Although it is very difficult and takes a lot of hard work and dedication, at Soaring Wings Training LTD we believe that no bird is “beyond repair”. We strongly advocate for flighted parrots, no matter what age or species they may be.

This course is for anybody aged 13 or older, as a certain amount of experience and maturity is required to rehabilitate and flight train a parrot successfully.

Rehabilitating a parrot takes a lot of time and hard work. Do not expect the process to be complete in a week or even a month. On average, it takes between 6 months and 2 years to fully rehabilitate a flightless bird to a confident flier. The time it takes to reach your end goal will depend on your parrot’s past, age and personality as well as your own willingness and ability to put in the work every day.

If you do not currently have a parrot to rehabilitate but would still like to take this course, please fill in your parrot’s details and explain why you would like to take the course in the “Tell Me About Your Parrot’s Flight Experience And Past” section of the registration form below.

You will need to take notes during the session to ensure you take away as much information as possible. Not all of the information that is in the PowerPoint is included in the course summary document.

This course consists of:

-One 1 – 2 hour long PowerPoint Presentation that will be taught one-on-one via Zoom Call.

-Follow-up support whenever you need it.

-One extra Zoom Call should you require more guidance.

-A PDF course summary that will be emailed to you after completing the PowerPoint.

-Documents specifically created to help you with this course.