If you've find your way here you are looking for other things to do with free flight! We get it, getting into free flight is super exciting and you want to explore everything. We hope you find what you're looking for here.

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    This whatsapp group chat is for free flight students only. It is a place to share your progress, chat all things parrots and connect with our other students!
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  • Join Our Facebook Group

    This Facebook group is not quite active, although we would like it to be! This group is for free flight students to share their progress, ask questions relating to parrot care and get to know other students!

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  • Paco the lutino pied cockatiel sat looking out the window

    Animal Genetics - Disease Testing

    After Class 1 many of you will be wondering where we do our disease testing. This is a company we have been using for years, so if you do not wish to go to your Avian Vet we do recommend them.

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  • Training Equipment

    Looking for some equipment to help with your training? Then you've come to the correct place!

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  • Leg Bands For Identification

    If you do not wish to microchip your parrot, but still want to have some form of identification we highly recommend getting your mobile number engraved on a split leg band. Please ensure your leg band is stainless steel. This should only be used for small/medium parrots!

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  • UAV Forecast App

    We highly recommend this app for all free flyers! It allows you to see the wind speed, gusts, weather at any time of day which makes free flight a lot easier to manage. We all still use this app to this day, especially when heading to new locations!

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