This is the very start to your free flight journey. Before beginning your very first class it is important for you to look over the information below and read through it carefully.

Once you have completed class 1 you can book another class by going to the "book your next session" option on the free flight students home page.

Class 1 is all about getting to know one another, understanding where you are at now with your parrot so that we can best support you and beginning some very initial training. All of the hard work begins in Class 2!

  • Food Management and Motivation

    All about Food Management and Motivation. We delve further into this during class.

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  • All About Disease Testing

    All about the importance of disease testing and why we recommend you do it.

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  • Class 1 Powerpoint

    The powerpoint from Class 1 to view if you need to revisit.

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What Your Should Know After Class 1

After session 1 you should know the following:

  • Why it is important to be a responsible free flier.
  • Differences between free flying a small bird vs a big bird.
  • The Importance of disease testing.
  • About food management.
  • The different methods of differential reinforcement and which one is best to use.
  • What is clicker training?
  • How long to train for?

It is entirely your decision if you wish to work on the following prior to advancing in the course, however before the next stage of training you should:

  • Have your parrot on a good diet of vegetables, fruits and seeds/pellets.
  • Know your parrots favourite treat.
  • Begin clicker training.

You guys are doing amazing. You can reach out for help anytime you feel you need it, even if it’s to just send an update on your progress. We always look forward to hearing from you!

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