After you have completed Class 1 it is time to truly get into the hard work and begin your training free flight journey. In this class we discuss how to properly teach recall, the importance of motivation, the importance of managing our birds emotions, understanding our birds body language and identification.

Once you have completed Class 2 it is time to get onto Class 3. This is where we begin venturing into the great outdoors and making our birds comfortable with simply existing outside. To book this simply go to the "book your next session" tab. Remember to stick with the mentor you have chosen for Class 1 and 2!

  • The Importance Of Perches

    Perches are very important for free flighted parrots, especially those starting out with training! You can learn more about them here.

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  • Class 2 Powerpoint

    This is the powerpoint from Class 2 should you need to revisit.

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After session 2 you should know the following:

  • What are anchor birds?
  • What is motivation and how to create it?
  • The importance of recall training.
  • How to recall train your bird.
  • How to increase skill with recall.
  • The importance of carrier/restraint training.
  • Learning to focus on your birds body language.
  • How can trick training aid in free flight training.
  • Methods of identification.

It is entirely your decision if you wish to work on the following prior to advancing in the course, however before the next stage of training you should:

  • Have a successfully recall trained parrot.
  • Work on restraint/carrier training.
  • Ensure your parrot has all indoor skills possible mastered.

You are all doing a wonderful job. Never be afraid to reach out to be should you need any support/guidance in the right direction. We want to see you all succeed!

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