It is the moment you've been working for! It is time to learn what the first free flight should look like and begin planning to take your parrot(s) outdoors unrestrained. If you are in Scotland and close to your mentor, then we will be more than happy to be there to support you. If you are further away we can plan a video call if you want us to be there for you! This is a big step to take and it can make you a little anxious, but that is okay. We believe in you and we are here to support you.

Once you have achieved your very first free flight (or the first few!) it is time to book Class 6 to learn how to further your skill.

  • What To Consider During The First Free Flight

    When free flying for the very first time it is incredibly important to know what to expect and how to act, depending on how your parrot behaves. While flying for the first time you will naturally be anxious, therefore having this document open on your phone should you need an extra hand would be beneficial!
    Click Here

  • Class 5 Powerpoint

    This powerpoint is here to review when you need it!

    Click Here For Part 1

    Click Here for Part 2

After session 5 you should know the following:

  • Is your bird ready for free flight?
  • Things to consider for the first free flight.
  • What your first free flight should look like.
  • Progressing from first outdoor recall to first exploratory flight.
  • How to handle the first exploratory flight.

It is entirely your decision if you wish to work on the following prior to advancing in the course, however before the next stage of training you should:

  • Understand how to safely prepare for your birds first free flight.
  • Accomplish the first outdoor recall.
  • Accomplish first exploratory flight.

First free flight already! Wow you are doing incredibly well. Remember to breathe! This will be scary, but it will be so worth it and we are here for you every step of the way!

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