We have been through quite a journey together and it is time for it to sadly end. But fear not, we have one more class together! In this lesson we will discuss how to expand your birds skills and boost their confidence with free flight. Once you have finished this session you will be free to explore the world with your parrot(s)!
Please always remember, we are here to help should you need us. Even after you have completed our classes.

Upon completion of the course we would love if you could fill out a small questionnaire to give us some feedback so we may further improve for our students.

  • Class 6 Powerpoint

    This is the last powerpoint. It is here for you to view whenever you may need it!
    Click Here For Part 1

    Click Here For Part 2

  • Feedback For Us

    We cannot believe your time with us has come to an end. We would greatly appreciate if you could give us some feedback so that we may help future students. Many thanks, from the SWT Team.
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After session 6 you should know the following:

  • Understanding the location system.
  • Understanding the importance of navigation and how to teach navigation.
  • How to further expand your parrots skills.

We are SO proud of you! Well done!! You have officially completed the Soaring Wings Training LTD Free Flight course! From this day forward have fun with your parrot and please remember to be responsible. We cannot wait to see all of your progress. You guys did absolutely fantastic and you should be proud of yourself.

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