Free Flight Course Terms and Conditions

By booking this service and paying the applicable fee you are agreeing to never share any information and documents with anybody unless we, Soaring Wings Training LTD, have given you written permission to do so. This includes any recordings of classes that you may take for yourself, audio or video. By booking this service you are releasing Soaring Wings Training LTD, representatives and any relating companies from any claims. We cannot guarantee success, we are simply here to guide you.

Your bird is your own responsibility, results and time taken to achieve these will vary depending on individuals. This course is sold per person and cannot be transferred onto somebody else.

By purchasing this course you are agreeing to not use the information provided to train any Lutino/Albino parrots or Budgerigars due to the increased risks.

Refunds can only be accepted and processed up to 48 hours prior to your booking. Following this, no refunds will be given. Rescheduling can only be accepted through cancellation and re-booking, and can only be accepted up to 48 hours prior to your booking. If without notice you are not present in our call within 15 minutes of the booked starting time, we will log off and require you to reschedule on a different day.

You will receive a password to access the locked Free Flight Students tab on our website. You will not share the password or any of the documents you will get access to with anyone unless we have given you written permission to do so. These documents are for your eyes only. Giving access to these files will make you liable for any damages.

By submitting your payment you are confirming that you are aged 16+ and you are agreeing to pay for Soaring Wings Training Free Flight Course.