• Food

    Do you want to add enrichment and fun into your birds diet? Look no further! From sprouts, to seeds, to dry chop and much more!

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  • Toys

    Peace. Quiet. Calm. Is this what you want? Come check out our toy section which will help you achieve this dream!

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  • Training Tools

    An important part of owning parrots is training them. Find commonly used training tools suck as target sticks and even harnesses here!

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  • Consultations

    Are you needing help with any issues? Is your parrot screaming constantly? Is your parrot biting you? We can help!

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  • Freebies

    We have a variety of different documents that are completely free to download! All created to help parrot owners around the world!

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  • Free Flight Training

    Are you wanting to learn how to fly your parrot outdoors safely? Read more here or reach out and we can have a chat!

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  • Flight Rehabilitation Training

    Are you wanting to get your parrot flying again? It is possible! Find out how you can do this through our course.

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  • Free Flight Student Hub

    If you have decided to sacrifice your life to free flight and have signed up to our free flight course then this tab is for you. For those who have not registered, this page is password protected. You Shall Not Pass.

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  • VIP Members Only

    Do you want to learn more about parrot behaviour and learn how to handle a variety of behaviours without a consultation? Check this out to sign up to an info-packed community for novice and advanced parrot servants!

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