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Leg Leash For Medium/Large Parrots

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Leg Leashes are a fantastic method to restrain free flying parrots. They are easy to use and quick to attach to your parrot. The line itself is made out of elasticated bungee cord with a swivel lobster clip that attaches to your parrots leg ring. There is a handle at one end which allows you to hold onto the leash, as well as a clip on the handle which allows you to clip the leash to yourself, allowing for hands off restraint. 

How To Use:
1. Desensitise your parrot to having their legs/feet touched.
2. Desensitise your parrot to seeing the leash and being around it.
3. Put clip onto your parrots' closed leg ring and remove. Reward heavily.
4. Put clip onto your parrots leg ring and walk around the house. Reward
5. Once parrot is comfortable indoors begin taking them outdoors.

For some birds it may necessary to use a thin, stainless steel clip through their leg band and then attaching the leash onto that. If your parrot does not have a closed leg ring then we would recommend using an anklet in place of the leg ring.

Unless your parrot is fully desensitised to the outdoors please always hold onto their
feet. The leash is there for safety, but it should not be fully relied upon to prevent
your parrot flying away outdoors. Training and patience are key.

It is important to discourage your parrot from chewing this leash as they can break them. Never leave your parrot unsupervised while wearing this leash. 

Don't use this for small parrots. Putting this type of restraint on a small parrot can
result in severe injury. 

Included: 1 leg leash, 110cm in length.

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