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Superb Salad - Feed The Rainbow

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An amazing, nutritious, colourful meal for your parrot is now available. Feed The Rainbow is a dry chop with 30 ingredients selected for optimum health for your parrot. This mix contains a variety of vegetables, fruit, flowers, grains and herbs that will be adored by your birds'. 

This mix was specifically created with small to medium parrots in mind, but that doesn't mean it cannot be offered to larger species! 

Net Weight: 150g

Why did we make this dry chop?

Variety is Key

This incredible and exciting mix can be fed alongside our Smashing Seeb range to create an enriching and captivating meal. Variety is insanely important for our feathered friends to have and by offering Feed the Rainbow with a seed mix that matches your parrots’ size and preference you will be offering a meal with nearly 50 ingredients! Now that’s something worth screaming over!

Importance of Freeze Dried Food

Majority of the fruit and vegetables within this mix are freeze dried. This means that the food still contains up to 95% of all of its original nutritional content. 

How To Feed

– Mix in a bowl with our Smashing Seeb or pellets for an enriching meal.

– Sprinkle on a foraging tray or place within foraging toys to encourage natural behaviour. 

– Mix through your parrots’ fresh fruit and veg to create even more variety and excitement.


Spelt Grain, Rye Grain, Hemp Seeds, Oat Groats, Buckwheat, Hibiscus Flowers, Freeze Dried Green Peas, Kale Flakes, Chamomile Flowers, Marigold Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Dill, Burdock Root, Rosemary Leaf, Oregano, Freeze Dried Beetroot, Freeze Dried Carrot, Freeze Dried Sweetcorn, Freeze Dried Courgette, Birds Eye Chili, Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberry, Freeze Dried Blackcurrant, Freeze Dried Banana Slices, Whole Cloves, Basil, Freeze Dried Broccoli, Red Pepper, Green Pepper, Freeze Dried Blueberry, Freeze Dried Pear and Dandelion Leaf.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We believe in putting the planet first as, in a round about way, this will help animals everywhere. This is why this packaging is created by us to be as safe for the environment as possible. The outer box is compostable and can be recycled and the dry chop within is stored within a compostable bag that will break down within 6 months in the right conditions! Once you are done with the packaging please recycle it accordingly. The planet will thank you!

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