Dangers Of Free Flight

There are many dangers that require consideration when free flying. Although we will discuss these in more detail and refer to my personal experiences/experiences of other free fliers in class 3, I thought it was important to have these written out for you.

Birds of Prey

As you are aware of at this point, flying smaller species of parrots comes with many more risks than flying larger species. There are many more birds of prey that pose a risk to small birds than there are that pose risks to large birds.


When flying near fast moving cars/motorways there will always be a risk of your bird getting hit by a car or getting run over.

Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are naturally predators and pose a risk to your bird while free flying. Flying in areas where these animals roam could result in your bird getting killed by them.

Birds of Annoyance

Believe it or not, these will likely be your biggest problem when flying your parrot. Crows and seagulls are known for chasing free flighted birds out of areas fairly aggressively. Even songbirds can give a nasty chase, though this is rare.

Power Lines

If you fly near telephone wires you risk your bird landing on these and potentially getting electrocuted to death.


A lot of individuals don’t consider that other people could be a danger. If your parrot is over socialised this makes them easy to steal as they will be willing to land on strangers.

Strong Winds/Gusts

Flying in unsuitable weather increases chances of your bird getting carried out of the area and getting lost.


Birds shouldn’t be flown near water unless they are experienced. Wind could blow birds into bodies of water or the parrot may attempt landing in the water which would result in drowning.

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