Once you have mastered indoor recall it is time to begin working on outdoor desensitisation. This step is one of the most important when it comes to free flight, and takes the longest. During this class we will also begin discussing location selection which involves you getting a bit of homework that needs to be submitted to us.

Once you have completed Class 3 please head to the "Book your next session" tab to book Class 4. You will be required to submit your homework prior to your zoom call as your answers will be discussed during Class 4.

  • Dangers of Free Flight

    Free flight does come with many dangers that need to be considered. This document is a list of the main dangers. We discuss these in full detail during Class 3.

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  • Choosing The First Free Flight Location

    Selecting the correct location is crucial when free flying. We have created a form to help you with risk assessments. You will be required to fill this out and submit it before Class 4.

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  • Class 3 Powerpoint

    The powerpoint from Class 3 to view should you need to revisit.

    Click Here For Part 1

    Click Here For Part 2

What You Should Know After Class 3

After session 3 you should know the following:

  • What a good beginner location for your bird looks like.
  • Have a clear understanding as to why different species require different beginner locations.
  • The importance of desensitisation.
  • The different methods of desensitisation and the pros and cons of each.
  • The different dangers of free flight.

It is entirely your decision if you wish to work on the following prior to advancing in the course, however before the next stage of training you should:

  • Have a fully desensitised parrot.
  • Have a full understanding of the dangers and how best to avoid them.
  • Find a beginner free flight location for your parrot.

You are all doing such a fantastic job. Keep up the great work everyone! As always, reach out should you need any guidance or if you simply want to share your progress.

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