Free Flight Check List

You may find that as your bird becomes more experienced and you begin to trust them more that you won’t require all items on this checklist. We highly encourage that you do use these items initially and when at new locations.

We have put a * next to all items that we believe are a necessity when flying smaller birds. We wouldn’t leave home without these.

  • Free Flight Bag (A simple rucksack will work just fine!) *
  • Fox40 or Storm Whistle *
  • Blanket to Sit on (Helps when birds decide to tree sit)
  • Food (In case bird decides to tree sit)
  • Drink (In case bird decides to tree sit) *
  • Perch
  • Bird Carrier *
  • Treats for your Bird *
  • Water for your Bird *
  • Luring Items (Something your bird adores. Will encourage return out of a tree)
  • Camera (You’ll find you’ll get really into taking videos and photos.)
  • Phone *
  • Power bank and Phone Charger
  • Clicker
  • Target Stick/other training items
  • Anemometer (wind mph reader)
  • Binoculars
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